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"The $9 Starter Kit includes a Billie handle, the mag(net)ic holder, and two 5-blade razor cartridges. Ongoing, we'll deliver four replacement cartridges for $9, when you need them."

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After several shipments I have found the design of the Billie razors to be disappointing. The razor head itself is difficult to get out of the package. The blades seem to trap hair easily and are difficult to rinse off. The lotion strip, while soothing, frequently drips off the razor while drying, and gets stuck to surfaces it touches. The handle is easy to hold, but has its own issues: when attached, the head has a limited range of movement, making it difficult to shave hard to reach spots. Hairs also get trapped between the head and handle and are difficult to rinse off. Finally, the magnetic holder popped off of the wall the night that I stuck it on; I think the adhesive needs work. All this sounds very nitpicky, but it was enough to cancel my subscription, which is otherwise perfect in terms of delivery and cost. Overall the Billie is very pretty and wonderfully cheap, but the design had too many problems for me to continue using it.
on 10/18/2018