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"Bella Spa Box is a monthly subscription box containing handmade artisan handmade soap,body scrub,lotion and more. All products made with all natural ingredients. The contents of each box will always be kept secret. It's a surprise. All of our products are made in the USA, and ship directly to your door."

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I signed up for 6 months prepaid, and the products were nice. I would not recommend this box prepaid because despite multiple emails, and being assured I would receive my boxes, I only got 2 out of 6 boxes I should have.
on 11/5/2016
I received my first box in May and really enjoyed it. This box is handmade bath products that are very cute. It's not a "professional" box in that it feels like your old college friend sent you a care package of goodies she made. My box had a salt scrub in an adorable canning jar, a lavender milk bath (with real lavender), a soap infused silk rose, 2 handmade large bars of soap, a smaller handmade soap with a "scrubbie" layer, and a bath pouf. If you love handmade bath stuff and the feeling of getting a fun home style package, this is a great box!
on 5/31/2016