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"BBQ Kings Club scours the world for top rated BBQ sauces, rubs, recipes and more. We then hand pick the best and deliver them to our BBQ and grilling subscribers every month. Love trying sauces and rubs? BBQ Kings Club delivers new tastes and excitement monthly!"

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This company will STEAL your money and has nonexistent customer service. My husband and I ordered this box in January 2017. They charged us for the box and never delivered it. We tried to contact them and no one replied to our emails. They charged us for February, too, even after trying to unsubscribe. Still no reply to our emails. We had to de-authorize them through our bank. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOX AT ALL. The company is AWFUL.
on 3/23/2017
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Got this as a gift, love getting new sauces every month. High quality stuff.
on 3/26/2016