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"Angel Shave Club provides a monthly subscription for women’s razors with the goal of proving a luxurious shaving experience for women everywhere at delightfully low prices. Their blades are made with high quality U.S. steel, mounted on a flexible head, and paired with Vitamin E and Aloe strips to prevent irritation. Their three and five blade razors are engineered and manufactured to preserve the soft, silky feel of feminine skin, protecting against razor burn and deep cuts that are common with store bought razors. Angel Shave Club is a company made for women by women. Everything about the experience has been tailor made for women, from the specifically engineered blades, to the branding, design, and communications."

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20170727 091933
I absolutely love this service and would recommend it to everyone! I have been using schick intuition razors for years, leaving them in the shower to come back to a soapless razor and having to change the head again and again (and those babies aren't cheap!). Using this razor was a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend the sugar fig shaving stuff as well.
on 5/9/2017
I was a Dollar Shave Club member for about a year, and the blade is "OK" but I just could no longer pay Gillette's high prices. I found Angel Shave Club on a post from Instagram and decided to give them a try. I was so happy to finally step away from a "Men's" company and get my long overdue pink razor. Now the big question, does it shave good? I ordered the Angel 5 blade razor and I'm here to let you know that it shaved better than I expected and much sharper than other blades I have used in the past. The thing I enjoyed the most was the handle it was very high quality not a cheap piece of plastic. I have been a member now for about 6 weeks and looking forward to my next box! :)
on 7/17/2016
Img 20110525 111853
I love this box, finally a box for me! I started with the 3 blade and it was better than the disposable razor I was using and a great deal on 6 bucks. I upgraded to see if the 5 blade was going to be a better shave and OMG, it provided such a great shave. ASC rocks!
on 7/17/2016
Fb img 1464231203556
I was so excited and hopeful that this would replace my expensive disposable men's razors. Plus the ease of having them shipped right to my door the little pink box was like Christmas. Unfortunately the Razor Itself was like Shaving with a Piece of Dull Gravel. I couldn't be more disappointed..
on 6/12/2016